Patch Fitting Doors

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Patch fittings are a frameless glass concept, which evolved as modern interior and exterior design option for commercial and residential projects.
Patch fittings concepts are a collaboration of toughened glass and glass architectural hardware. Patch fittings frameless concepts have various types
like frameless glass doors, frameless fixed glass, Over panel glass with different design options like top and bottom patch fittings, top patch fittings bottom insert and top and bottom inserted to the door and roof respectively. Patch fittings needs best support from the civil engineering both in the top and bottom.

Fix partition with fittings
– Small Bathroom Partitions/ shower cubical
– Frameless partitions

Door Partitions

  • Different types of doors
  • Customization of office partitions depend on requirements – with glasses ,filming , opaque etc.

Sliding Window

  • 2 track 2 shutter ( With or without flymesh)
  • 3 track 3 shutter  ( With or without flymesh)
  • Corner window
  • Customize sliding window